Facilities, We Have A Problem

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

The Park Avenue entryway and office are drying out after an exciting morning. The sprinkler head in the main entry burst Wednesday due to the cold weather, spraying gallons of water that leaked into the office. Because the sprinkler system is connected to the fire alert system, the fire alarm went off and the DMFD was deployed. Students were staged on the first floor, ready to evacuate. Fortunately, the Fire Department spread through the building to check for danger and determined that the students could return to their regular schedule. The mess was confined to the mail office area, where DMPS Facilities crewmembers arrived quickly with the equipment needed to contain the water. Park Avenue custodial staff are working to clean walls, carpets and windows impacted by the rupture. No staff or children were injured as a result of this incident. Several teachers used the experience to talk about safety, plumbing and cooperation.