What will the typical day look like?

  • Students will be using inquiry (asking and finding answers to questions) to deepen their understandings of the world.
  • Students will be making connections between multiple subject areas to gain a deeper understanding of the central idea for their unit of inquiry.
  • Students will explore each of six themes for a  four to six week period.
  • Students will also be exposed to Spanish and will make connections with world events and issues.
  • Students will be learning and using skills to support life-long learning.
  • Students will be encouraged to take appropriate action based on their new learning.

Will my student participate in district and state assessments?
Yes, all PYP schools are expected to complete the same assessments as other schools in the district.  Our curriculum incorporates the Iowa Core Curriculum Standards.

Does the Primary Years Program fit the needs of different students?
Yes, in fact, authorized schools report increased student engagement for all types of learners due to the guided inquiry concept-driven approach. All students participate in the program of inquiry.

Why is my child learning another language?
Acquisition of more than one language enriches personal development and helps facilitate international mindedness, an essential characteristic of a 21st century global citizen.  These world language experiences compliment and enrich the instruction of the English language provided daily by our PYP teachers.

What happens after my child leaves Park Avenue School?
Gateway Middle School at Central Academy or Brody Middle School provides the MYP program to interested students in grades 6th-10th.  Central Academy offers the Diploma Program for 11th-12th grade high school students who are interested in continuing on the IB path.

IB Contacts

For more information about the IB curriculum or to schedule a tour, please contact:

Katie Pilcher–IB Coordinator
Email: Kathryn.Pilcher@dmschools.org

Dianna Anderson– Principal
Email: Dianna.anderson@dmschools.org

Phone: (515) 242-8429

FAX: (515)323-8637